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ArtVersion Interactive Agency is a creative graphic design and web design firm with offices in Chicago and San Francisco. We work with clients all over the US, Canada, and Europe. We are intentionally a small company, run by a focused and goal oriented team. Give us a challenge; we are creative problem solvers.


Although sometimes companies engage us in small projects or for specific expertise, typically we handle all aspects of the creative and branding efforts for our regular clients. From visual branding, graphic and web design, to complex platform and web development. In opposite to a large creative agency, we are able to be more effective to the bottom-line, able to have close control over the projects, and this way we have more fun with the projects and clients.

We Love Web

We are a web design company. Great web design is our passion!

Responsive Web Design

A web design that is developed and integrated properly makes you feel instantly connected. At ArtVersion we focus on designing interactive sites that are responsive, yet truly engaging. Since our founding in 1999, we have been Chicago’s award-winning website development and web design company focused solely on improving your brand visibility with a purpose driven, creative user experience. We are also one of the first Chicago based web design firms that started embracing adaptive mobile and responsive web design methods. Learn more about our design process.

We are Designers

We are graphic designers, creative thinkers, and visual problem solvers.

Graphic Design

There is more to graphic design than just image creation. At ArtVersion we visually interact with your target audience to communicate your message using precise infographics, original illustrations, and sophisticated layouts that work hand-in-hand with your brand strategy. By utilizing graphic design in visual communication, we can help your company accomplish organic engagement to build a lasting relationship with your target audience.

We are absolutely crazy about UI/UX Design

We have many years of experience with user interface and user experience design under our belt.

Ui/UX Design

Our core competencies are user interface and user experience design for the web applications, mobile web and native applications. We usually get involved in projects where UI/UX experts are needed to improve usability and accessibility areas of website design or application, but often we work with startups on designing interface and user experiences in the early stages of development. While the benefits are great, the concept of good user experience can be a bit fuzzy. In opposite to great UI that is more tangible, there’s no magic formula or set of rules for designing a perfect UX. It’s really all about focusing on the fundamentals. You can’t just copy and paste the same elements of another website that scores high in UX. We focus on the most important source of information, which are your users.

Visual Branding

We help companies with their visual branding and brand development by creating an unique image that truly reflects a company’s culture, style, and philosophy.

Visual Branding

Defining yourself isn’t easy. We are here to help you create, design and implement your company’s long-term, visual personality. Throughout the years, we worked with many startups and Fortune 500 companies to refine their branding efforts or build new brands from scratch. Collaboratively we will create your visual blueprint and get you to where you aspire to be in the future.

Content Strategies

Content strategy is an extension of what smart companies do well already; educating, listening, and engaging.

Content Strategy

Visual storytelling is the key of successful content marketing and crucial part of any content strategy. Fresh, original, and informative, textual or graphical content is very effective way to capture, engage, and keep consumers’ attention. Brand-worthy content is always a strong strategic part of any new-media marketing plan. ArtVersion will design unique branding elements, to work together, not only with your online and offline materials, but with your master marketing strategy. As we are primarily web design company, we embrace unique content strategies that offer continuous and evolutionary growth.


Our Web Design and Development Offices are in Chicago

If you’re looking for new creative agency or web design company in Chicago, then look no further than ArtVersion. Our approach to web design and web development is unique in that we look beyond the aesthetics. We believe design is about function, connection and also delivering a message. In today’s competitive environment, your design needs to do more than look pretty. Websites are a dime in a dozen, so you need to make your design speak beyond the visuals.

San Francisco

Our Business Development Offices are in San Francisco

We work with startup companies all over the country but our home-base lab is located in San Francisco, naturally in the Bay Area. Despite local presence our San Francisco business development office works with startups all over the globe. Our distributed agile approach allows us to create meaningful and integrated branding initiatives for a variety of different industries.

Notable Brands We’ve Worked With

The most important thing to us is building brands people love.


We Also Love Startups

We just want clients who appreciate a good design.

Pressed Vibrance
Jaima & Co
Cristaux International

And Of Course Non-Profits

Here are some featured non-profit clients we worked with over the years.

The Willage
Council Oak




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